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My Journey With Chiari Malformation

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Consult with Dr Milhorat
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My first meeting with a Chiari specialist.

My first consultation with Dr Thomas Milhorat was in April of 2001. Prior to the appointment, his assistant Irene made a scheduled call to me, for a two hour background work up. I also sent in what MRI's I had, and any test results.
Back then, Dr M's office was in a teaching hospital in a tough part of Brooklyn.  The first thing he did was to apologize, and say the new offices in Manhasset were soon to open. 
I was in bad shape, the flight had taken a lot out of me.  I was having a hard time concentrating, and remember scowling a lot.  In spite of this, he was very kind, very thorough, and after discussing my MRI's stated: "Of course your chiari is causing your symptoms!" 
I could have kissed him.  He then went on to describe to me in great detail why, pointing out the things that were symptoms that I had not even realized. I had no gag reflex.  I fell over if I stood up and closed my eyes.  I could not touch my pointer finger to my thumb quickly. Lots of different things that no one else had known to check.  The difference was like night and day.  This man knew all about Chiari, knew what to look for (even if it was sometimes subtle). He was even very understanding about the doctors I had seen in the past, even KNEW one of them, and stated they were very good doctors, but he disagreed with their findings.  A diplomat! 
After that, he told me about treatment options, stating that he wanted to try a medication therapy first. (see symptom page for medications taken)
For the first time, I was taken seriously, I was shown respect and caring, and a course of treatment was given.  It was a real turning point, and I found the doctor for me!!  I was amazed. It was like a huge burden had been lifted off me.  I was going to get good care.